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A web series where naive and rebellious teens
grow up, get down, and come out in the '90s grunge-era

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden Brings You:



Tapestry is an interactive new media project that aims to highlight the positive impact of the web, in the age of digital bullying. It’s an online community for people around the globe to share their triumphs, failures, or even just ideas.

Tapestry is call to action, an invitation for individuals to submit their stories as vlogs (video blogs) on a safe collection platform on In effect, the viewers will become storytellers themselves.

We’ll also present interviews with interesting people who offer insight and advice from their personal and professional journeys.

The CooLots on Playing “Male” Instruments & Personal Expression in Music

In part two of our chat with The CooLots, the all female “Rock and Soul” band talks about using music as a therapeutic outlet, and women playing instruments that have historically been seen as masculine.

Who’s Your Inspiration & Why?

We setup shop at Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle Fountain to ask total strangers to offer some insight and advice from their personal and professional experiences. Here are some interesting answers to the question: Who’s your inspiration and why?

Jesse Swire’s Unconventional Path to Realizing His Sexuality

Jesse Swire, who plays Slake on Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, joins us at the 2013 Capital Pride Parade and talks about how, sometimes, understanding your own sexuality is not a simple process, and can take time.

Kate Farrar Talks Developing More Women Leaders

Kate Farrar Director of Campus Leadership Programs for the American Association of University Women (AAUW), talks about breaking the barriers that women and girls face to reach equality and take leadership roles.

Lance Kramer on Turning His Childhood Interests Into a Career

Lance Kramer, documentary filmmaker, educator, journalist and a co-founder of Meridian Hill Pictures talks about making a career out of his childhood interests; connecting film, journalism, and teaching into a unified mission; and the challenges of finding resources in the arts.

Nicole Jost discusses Young Playwrights’ Theater

Artistic Director Nicole Jost details the mission of YPT, the realities of being a queer playwright, and her advice for aspiring creatives.

Artist Linda Hesh Talks Career Changes and Current Pieces

Linda Hesh details how a disability led to her surprising career switch and her new projects focusing on gender disparity and public interaction.

Andy Shallal (Owner of Bustboys & Poets) on Racial & Cultural Connections

Owner of popular Washington, DC restaurants Bustboys & Poets and Eatonville
Andy Shallal explains what inspired the cultural and artistic focus of his establishments, and speaks on how race issues have affected and empowered him.

London Native Daniel Johnston Talks About Touring America

Daniel, a London native, submitted a video sharing his experience of meeting people and experiencing different cultures in America.

Renee Davidson of CASS Tells About the Anti-Street Harassment Movement

Communications Director for Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS)
Renee shares how she got involved with CASS and why she’s passionate about ending street harassment.

Ryan Bos & Bernie Delia of Capital Pride

Ryan Bos, Executive Director of Capital Pride, and Bernie Delia, President of the Board, explain the importance of Pride and discuss the recent surge of progress toward equality for the LGBT community.

All Female Band The CooLots on Empowering Women

All female “Rock and Soul” band, The CooLots, talk about how they came together, and being role models to girls and women interested in music.
The CooLots Facebook Page

Allison Bailey Talks “Running Away” to College Overseas

DC native, Ally, explains why she made the bold decision to go to college overseas, at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, when people in her life were against it.

Martin Swift Weaves Together Art and American Culture

Martin discusses choosing a creative path, his understanding of human awareness in childhood, and the changing role of masculinity in the modern world.

Dupont Circle Creative Agency Gives Their Two Cents

This dynamic duo swaps quarters for ruminations and gives a fresh perspective on consumerism.

Marcus K. Dowling: Have Fun in What You’re Doing

Music & Arts Journalist (Washington City Paper, The Pink Line Project, BYT)
Marcus talks about what his younger self missed out on from fear of going against the grain, and how he now focuses on doing what makes him happy.

Drop Electric Discuss the Obstacles & Triumphs They’ve Face Pursuing Music

Members of the post-rock band share how they fought through obstacles to pursue careers in music, how being in the band has gotten them through low points, and what it’s like to play in a genre that doesn’t have much racial diversity.

How Have You Changed Over the Course of a Year?

We setup shop at Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle Fountain to ask total strangers to offer some insight and advice from their personal and professional experiences. Here are some great answers to the question: How have you changed over the course of a year?

How have YOU changed? Upload a video from your phone or webcam here:

Kate Jenkins Goes from Unemployed to Editor-in-Chief

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Intentional Quarterly
Kate talks about struggling to find her way after graduating from college, and what inspired her to overcome depression and start a publication

Marcus K. Dowling on Following His Passion

Music & Arts Journalist (Washington City Paper, The Pink Line Project, BYT)
Marcus shares his journey of finding his passion and switching careers

Ellen Winter Talks Discovering Her Sexual Identity

“Sarah” on Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, Singer/Songwriter
Ellen Winter joins us at the 2013 Capital Pride Parade and talks about discovering her own sexual identity.

Desirae Zentz on Accepting Your Flaws & Seeing Them as Assets

“Strawberry” on Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden
Desirae joins us at the 2013 Capital Pride Parade and talks about how learning to accept herself helped her to come into her own.

Connor Bergeron on Moving Between Countries & Rediscovering His Faith

Connor talks about the transition of being an American implant in Australia, and then moving back to the US. He also discusses how rediscovering his faith helped him to turn things around after getting into trouble during his senior year of college.

(1) What is the difference between you in the past and you now?
(2) Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
(3) What has been the best personal/professional lesson you’ve ever learned?
(4) What would you say has been the most defining moment in your life and why?
(5) What are some struggles you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?
(6) What are your hopes and dreams for yourself/the world?
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More About Tapestry

* Featured in the July/August issue of the print magazine Curve
* Featured in the July cover story of the print magazine She
* Praised by Ryan Bos & Bernie Delia of Capital Pride for helping overcome censorship of LGBT content & sharing stories central for global equality

After receiving positive feedback from fans around the world who expressed that her show “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” was filling a void for them as underrepresented LGBT youth in areas where such issues are either ignored or persecuted, filmmaker Otessa Ghadar created the “Go Orange” campaign to cultivate a positive and safe space for youth online. She launched the interactive New Media “Tapestry” project as part of this campaign at the Capital Pride Parade in Washington D.C in June 2013. Characters in mainstream media often only represent certain identities, and leave many out. And while bullying and hate are serious problems online, the Internet also serves as an incredible resource for youth by providing access to community, support, and tolerance.Smiley-Photo-crop-sue-name

While originally triggered by LGBT youth, the project will encompass stories from a wide variety of people sharing their personal and professional transformative experiences–whether it’s LGBT-related, or involveswomen’s stories, life as a minority, or the challenges of being a first or second generation immigrant. With their stories, we will “weave” together a Tapestry of untold and deserving people making big choices in their lives, and challenging the traditional definitions of identity.

Singer/songwriter Jen Foster has dedicated her song “This is Me” to the project, representing Tapestry’s uplifting message of acceptance. Select individuals with exemplary stories and online presence will be invited to be Tapestry Ambassadors to represent particular regions around the world. Ambassadors will interact with individuals in their geographical region, by hosting interviews and encouraging submissions while also acting as a resource for others in their area.