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A web series where naive and rebellious teens
grow up, get down, and come out in the '90s grunge-era

It’s the summer of 1995 and the heart of teenage experience lies with Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden. It’s the upheaval of summer where gossip and rumors abound, friendships will be tested, and teenage raucousness will rage on. Most importantly, this is the summer of where an unexpected romance between two teen girls, Sarah and Gwen, begins to blossom.

These are their days of youth, full of honest beginnings, where everything in life is insatiably tried for the first time. They will delight in new experiences, not thinking of consequences or that certain episodes of their lives will be irreparable, unchangeable. “Do you like me? Yes or no.” Love will at times seem simple, other times, awkward, full of anxiety, complicated beyond comprehension. But it is unimaginable to them that time could do anything to diminish the intensity of their feelings.

All the teens will have their unique drama–whether with failed exemplary parents, clumsy self-discovery, or glorious heartbreak–and they will cling to their friendships to get through it all. They’ll find relief by going to raves, secrecy, and rebellion. Careless and carefree, they are timeless teenage renegades on the search for meaning and identity.

This book contains the full collection of scripts from Season 2 of the oldest and longest running teen web series, “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden.” This is the book where the epic “Sarah & Gwen” love story develops and spans throughout 4 more books. It is this romance that sparked a following for the web series and its creator, Otessa Ghadar. The story is part recollection, part urban legend, and part pure fiction– but completely inspired by the author’s memories of growing up in Washington, D.C. and the enchantment of her youth.

Venture into Bishop’s Garden and remember what it feels like to have your whole life ahead of you! Best part is, when you’re done reading, you can live the romance by watching the web series adaptation online.

$3.50 | Purchase: Kindle · Nook

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