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A web series where naive and rebellious teens
grow up, get down, and come out in the '90s grunge-era

Series Creator of OJBG                   (Series Director/Writer/Producer, occasional Editor & jack-of-all-trades

A DC native, Otessa has fond memories of  its grunge-era.  Her teen years were spent serenaded by Morrissey, with much singing into her hairbrush and creating new and marvelous mischief with her best friend. She remembers mix-tapes and Sassy magazines… missing the last Metro, and getting stuck miles from payphones. Her youth was full of teen magic. …and she remembers it as though in Super 8: warm and soft… and potentially set to Donovan music.

Fave color: She adores gray, but realizes it’s a shade, so her favorite color is toothpaste green.

Fave films/shows: The Virgin Suicides, My Summer of Love, Picninc at Hanging Rock, Rat Catcher, & Repo Man. She loves tv shows from The Wonder Years to BSG.

Fave bands: She can’t seem to stop listening to: Pavement, Black Tambourine, the 13th Floor Elevators, the Ronettes, Jacques Dutronc,  & the Smiths.

Fave ice cream: She loves eating Double Churned Vanilla Splenda ice cream with Rebecca on set– it’s a blue-ribbon past-time!

Special/weird skills: Can give you the Latin and Common Names of almost any plant.

Favorite scenes to direct: FRIDA KAHLO fairytale in the supermarket!  Live concerts!!  Sarah & Gwen’s “Do you like me?” scene is amazing.  Alex & Sam’s fight in the car (woah–such intensity!)  Break-up by AIM, in a canoe!  Sarah & Kris sleep in soft morning light, while a clockwork orange looms. Otessa also cracks up over the tea party, the old toothbrush scene, the Liopleurodon, & all those car mounts.

She thanks her family (especially The Wizard!) — and the cast & crew, who have become like family. Otessa is blissed-out by the teen magic that they have all created.