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A web series where naive and rebellious teens
grow up, get down, and come out in the '90s grunge-era

“Girlfriend?” was put into the into vault. If you like OJBG, why don’t you buy it from our Etsy store?! Making a show takes a lot of hard work and we rely on viewers like you to support the indie arts. You can also watch this chapter in the Summer of 1995 feature film.

Summer of ’95 – Chapter 7

Sarah, Maggie, Yasmine, and Hunter have a girl sesh in the kitchen – lots of OMGs and spoonfuls of yoghurt to help the gossip go down – and a revelation about one Mr. Adrian surfaces. Everything is quite delightful until Gwen calls the house looking for Sarah; everyone’s confused and Sarah stumbles out after she stumbles over her explanation for leaving. No one seems too phased tho’ since Maggie and Yasmine have some drama for drama queen Rox… and it’s something she won’t be pleased about.

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